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Why most marriage advice fails

Your Marriage Story 1 min read
Your Marriage Story: Why stories matter to your marriage

Why would a story, even one modeled after a Great Love Story, make a difference?

After all, isn't the foundation of a great marriage all about communication?

Isn't it about love and respect?

Isn't it about having date nights?

Those factors don't necessarily hurt.

But we experience more depth and connection when there's meaning.

Wait, what does it mean for your marriage to have meaning?

Sounds weird, right?

It's actually quite simple. To uncover some of the meaning your marriage has for you, answer this question, “Why did I marry this person?” For a bigger picture perspective, “What is in God’s plan for me to marry this person?”

Aren't the toughest times in a relationships when you ask yourself that question and think, “I have no idea”?

Doing all the “right” things and having the right behavior towards each other are good things.

But...if you're just doing them without knowing why...it gets hard. Keeping the marriage together becomes a task to be done or a duty to fulfill when there’s no overarching reason.

This is why knowing God’s story for your life can often be transforming.

When you see your own life as more than a random sequence of events that end in death, your life has more purpose. It “makes sense” — both the good and the bad.

Many people believe and trust that, however their own personal story has been written, God has been the author and perfecter of their life.

This gives them hope and direction.

So it is with your marriage.

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