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Secrets of master storytellers and your marriage

Your Marriage Story 1 min read

After spending years studying script writing, taking apart scene by scene the best stories ever written, I don't watch movies the same way as most others do.

When I watch with my wife, she is engrossed in the story and the characters. She views movies the way most people do and gets pulled into the story.

I, on the other hand, sometimes pull out of the story and see the patterns and beats — the mechanics and plumbing of the story, so to speak.

I still can get involved with the actual story, but often times I wait for specific “beats” to show up, sometimes guessing how each structural element will be fulfilled.

In a great movie, I admire how masterfully the storyteller has ordered and crafted the expected elements, but does so creatively and, perhaps, even uniquely.

After all, even though the building blocks look exactly the same, the stories seem so different.

That's the sign of a masterful storyteller.

Here's an example.

Star Wars vs Harry Potter

Look at this graphic. It shows the synopsis of Star Wars typed out.

But scrawled on top, changing just a few words, is the summary of Harry Potter.

This is a similar concept behind the Marriage Story.

While your marriage story is unique, it can share the same elements of great Marriage Stories.

What do you think of this idea? That there are common structures to all great stories in your life.

Would you want to learn what those are?

Let me know down below.

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